Words of Sympathy for the Loss of a Grown Son

I’m going to miss your joyous presence,
deviant smile—

random acts of silliness.
What kind of tribute

would this be if  I didn’t pepper my message
to you with sarcasm?

But I can’t. My heart hurts.

Yours would too if you were in my shoes.
“Don’t get mushy on me”, that’s what you
would say.  You’re right, I won’t.

I won’t get teary eyed at the fond memories
you left me with. No, I won’t because what
good are these tears if

they can’t fall on your forehead?

Truth be told, living without you for the rest
of my life, sparks the same feeling I felt
when I welcomed your precious face

the day you were born—helpless.

Rest in peace my son.

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Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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