[Quote on reflection ] We are both good and bad

We are darkness and we are light but so is the universe from which we came. – Joshua Cintron

Quote on reflection

Despite your belief in a higher power or not, the human body is made from the elements in this universe.

The light makes the dark.

The dark makes the light.

Neither color is bad or wrong.

Only the definition man(kind) gives each makes the color what they are.

…(Like many things in life).

You are some bad and some good. If you use man(kind’s) definition.

But you, in all your goodness and perceived “badness” is what makes you [human].

To think you must strive to be something more than what you are is a means to fill you with thoughts of shame and inadequacy.

Embrace the elements of the universe because from that are you alive.

Perfect in every way.

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