[Quote on Opportunity] The horizon of a new morning

If you wake up another day, be grateful. Because as the sun rises and a horizon appears, know so do the opportunities coming your way.
Opportunities are the horizon of a new morning. - Joshua Cintron

A quote on opportunity

The opportunities that come your way are endless.

But you may NOT see them or know they’re there.

The next time you wake up in the morning, look outside toward the rising sun.

Look at the never-ending line that cuts the world in half.

Do you see a beginning…an ending?

No, right?

Opportunities are like that line; they’re limitless if when we decide to look for them.

You may not look for opportunities because you’re blinded by COMPLACENCY.

You’re a hostage to fear.

If you want your life to be different, OPEN your EYES to the beauty opportunities bring.

Decide to take a chance on something new.

You might surprise yourself at what you’re able to accomplish.

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