Fathers Day Poems from Son: The Sacrifices Made

Today is a celebration of you,
I’m taking you to your favorite place
to  stuff your face until your blue,

We’ll sit in a restaurant with other dads
reminisce about times of old,
the plenty good, the God-awful bad,

Tears may collect in your eyes,
with your grandchildren on your lap
symbolizing the time that’s flown by,

I can’t express enough how good you are,
all the sacrifices you made for our family
often times sleeping in a car,

You pulled me up from negative thinking
telling me to keep dreaming,
regardless if the world around me was sinking,

I’m proud of you for doing your best,
despite the insurmountable pile of stress,

Dad, enjoy Father’s Day this year
hope you hear that loud and clear.

Have an awesome Father’s Day!



Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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