A deep quote on confidence that is the foundation of all other attributes

This deep quote on confidence reads:

Confidence in oneself is the foundation to which all other attributes are born. If one has limited to no self-confidence then it is difficult to fully invest in the project or idea one contemplates.

-Joshua Cintron

When you’re confident in yourself, you feel like you can do anything.

People may tell you demeaning things but it bounces off of you because you know who you are.

With that confidence comes power and control over the things you do.

You put your mind to do something and you do it (follow through).

You find the time to finish it (time management).

You work through issues and challenges in and out of your control (problem solving).

You tackle whatever it is you’re going to do and finish it (vision).

You don’t listen to negativity or what others say (determination).

You trust yourself and know you will get the job done (perseverance).

When you believe in yourself, your other attributes begin to flourish.

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