Poems to Comfort the Grieving: As You Search for Breath

You awoke this morning or
maybe you haven’t slept in
in shock, in
disbelief the man you love

with your entire being is
gone.  The voices of
people you love will shower

you to no end. You’ll be
strong for them, for your
love who I’m sure stands
behind you even now, with

his hands gently massaging
your shoulders, ridding

your body of grief that
aches your bones.  As you
search for breath, trying
to make sense of this

tragedy befallen you,

know the love you created
with your soulmate in the
silent moments when his
body laid next to you,

will never cease to exist—

it will be the air in your
lungs, the strength in
your legs, the blood in
your heart for you to rise

again in this world as the
beautiful soul he knew

you to be.

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Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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