A why are poems so powerful quote

This, why are poems are so powerful quote, reads:

Prose and poetry evoke the feelings many can relate to but choose not to speak of.

-Joshua Cintron

Have you ever thought, why are poems so powerful?

Or, what is the importance of poetry?

Poems take complex feelings that most people don’t know how to share or aren’t willing to share, and create a picture people can see.

A poem is a powerful weapon to get across a message without having to be direct.

Writing poetry is art, it’s not right or wrong but an expression of the person.

If you’re hurting, sit down in a quiet place and write. You may be surprised at how therapeutic it is.

If you’re in love, close your eyes, think of your partner and describe the feeling of looking into their eyes.

You don’t have to be Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman or Shakespeare to write poetry – just the desire to be expressive.

If you want to learn how to write poems, just write.

When you do, you’ll open doors to places you never knew existed.

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