Loss of Mother Poem for Funeral: I Shall Call it Home One Day

Though the sun rises on the Eastern
Seaboard this day, my heart is gloomy,
saddened at the loss of

my mother— the woman who cradled
me with her hugs as warm as a wool blanket,

and kissed the delicate skin of my forehead
as a newborn.

She is gone.

Unable to rescue me from the noose of pain
strangling  the breath from my lungs
right now. I must somehow

dig out of this anguish that feels like
quicksand;  search for the will to continue
living without my mom,

my superhero—

someone I treasured and trusted more
than anyone else, even myself.

I must believe, find solace in knowing
that she will continue mothering me
in her new home—a place I shall one day call



Click here to see this beautiful bereavement poem on a photo.



Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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