Inspirational poem about losing a child:   whether a son or daughter, this poem is for our children;  a child we've lost all too early, a child we wish we could hold one last time.

Inspirational Poem about Losing a Child: To Feel You Again

Will we see each other again?
I ask myself this over and over.

I hope we will.

I try my best to cope with
your absence. But there is no

easy way to deal with losing you.
I wish away my living days

so that we may meet again,
so that I may feel the tenderness

of your skin under my palms,
so that I may look into your eyes

that sparkle like a diamond under
under a ray of sun, so that I

may feel your arms tightly wrapped
around me as if to save me from peril.

This my child, is the tangible love
I miss more than the world will

ever know.

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Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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