Goodbye Dad Poem: Present in Our Hearts and Minds

The light of your soul shines brightly

today. The physical world cannot hold you.
You are ever present in the hearts
and minds of friends and family that

know and love you. We will not
let this overwhelming sadness consume the joy
you brought us. We will celebrate your
legacy, hold the tears of your children

and lift their fragile bodies high above
the pain consuming them.

We will speak your name and confidently
parade your likeness to anyone who knows
not of your absence. Today is a

celebration of you as you ascend into
subconsciousness, where there your spirit will live in
a dimension we all shall meet at
one day.

We remember you as the loving man,
father, husband, uncle and son we’ve come
to know you as. Rest in peace.


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Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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