Never lose your childlike wonder quote if you want to keep growing

This never lose your childlike wonder  quote reads:

Knowledge is the by-product of reading, watching and doing things that spark the child’s curiosity within. If you love to draw, draw. Whatever it is that sparks the child within you, do it!

-Joshua Cintron

When your young, you might chase making a lot of MONEY.

Two decades later, you’ll trade in the money to know your purpose in life.

The unfortunate thing about becoming an adult…you lose the (“giddiness”) that you had as a kid.

S…l…o…w…l…y… but surely, you fall further and further away from what you LOVE.

And into the lull life becomes.

If you want to recapture that childlike passion and fill with enjoyment and knowledge… start thinking like a kid again.

Play Super Mario Kart on the Wii. Better yet, play Angry Birds or Sonic Forces on your phone.

Buy Billy Bob teeth at Wal-Mart and make silly faces.

Buy a fart machine and use it on family and friends.

Watch a stand up special by Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias or Kevin Hart.

Get away from what you’ve done your entire life.

Chip away at that adult mold.

Find your inner CHILD.

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