This quote on leadership exposes a common trait all bad bosses have

This quote on leadership reads:

In a canoe of arrogance on stormy seas of low self-esteem are they who wave their position and power like a flag blowing in the wind. -Joshua Cintron

Good bosses. Bad bosses.  We all have them.

Good leaders lift you up, make you feel a part of the team.
Bad leaders throw you under the bus and don’t have your back.

Why do bad bosses tend to keep their job when all they do is make the work place toxic?
Doesn’t upper management know that if they got rid of terrible leaders and supervisors, employees would work better?

In my previous job, I hated going into work.
I was told on more than one occasion to stay in my office and don’t talk to my co-workers because I influenced them.

My personality intimated management, supervisors, directors, leaders because I spoke the truth about the organization and provided common sense ideas that other people found useful.

That it how this quote on leadership was born – when I learned that as an employee, if you have a brain and you know how to use it and if your supervisor lacks self-confidence, you’ll become a threat they want to get rid of.

They’ll wave their titles in your face, write you up, give you a bad performance evaluation – they’ll do everything in their power to push you out of your job.

Whatever you do, don’t let them take away your joy for life. Once you’re pegged as a “problem child” in your organization, no one will help you, support you or have your back.

Don’t let them.

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