Fathers Day Inspirational Poems: A Title You Accept

I write this Father’s Day poem
to a man
who means a great deal to me,

I hope when your eyes fixate on these words,
you feel the passion I aim to convey.

You’re the man I first came to know,
exhibiting a model of good manners,

putting me in my place. Though bad
I may have been, you nurtured

and cared for me, correcting my wrongs,
praising my rights.  Today, I celebrate you,

the man who freely gives of himself,
not for money or fame,

…but for a title he gladly accepts,

I love you doesn’t begin to describe how
much you mean to me but let this poem fill

your heart with my undying love, and
appreciation for you.

Happy Father’s Day!


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Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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