Happy 3rd Anniversary Poems: The Electrical Charge in My Heart

Who would have thought three years
ago you and I would come to know

each other on a level neither one of us

thought was possible. But here we are,

lovers of the same mind, enamored with
the other’s thoughts, dreams, aspirations
and zeal for life. I could spend hours

trying to create a poem that shares how
much I love you and it still wouldn’t

accurately display what I feel for you.

I hope the inner recesses of your soul
and the nerves carrying the electrical
charge your heart needs to beat

that I love you.

You’re the reason my life is filled with
joy and happiness today, and has been
ever since the day my eyes locked onto

yours in the first few minutes of meeting you.

Happy 3rd anniversary, my love.





Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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