Father’s Day Messages from Son: The Model I’m Trying to Be

When a baby is born, they do
not know their mother

father, brother, sister or family.

They are of an unconscious age,
yet when I was born, I know you
—a figure

of masculinity, gentleness, and
calmness. Though my eyes were
not yet formed in the color they
are today,

I was fixated on you. I saw a hero
I would come to know like the
comic book superheroes

the world clamors to see in movie
theaters. You may not think highly
of yourself

or realize the profound mark you
left on my life; you may not
understand the positive influence
you had on my life.

But, I am a testament to your tireless
efforts; the times you caressed me,
talked to me, ensuring

I was equipped with the skills to withstand
the muck this world would throw my
way. Thankfully,

I’m still standing today—beaten, battered
like a mixed martial arts fighter after
five championship rounds—

because of you.

I hope to be half the parent you are to me
as I will be to my children one day.

Happy Father’s Day dad!



Copyright © Joshua Cintron

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